Before you share your story...

let me tell you a little about mine..

My name is Lexi Dickens. I’m 40 years old, a self-taught photographer, born storyteller and memorykeeper.

My job is loving the world. My camera aids me in that endeavor. I fall a little bit in love with every face I photograph. My lens reveals the beauty I see in every family in front of my camera.

Photos are funny things. I mostly take them for other people but I also take them for myself. I capture moments I wish I had of the people I love.

*I love being your memorykeeper.

I throw my whole self into each session. I am honest and open and passionate about life.  When I have a camera in my hands I feel free to be exactly who I am which frees you up to be Y O U!  I am all about connection and moments and LIVING LIFE TO THE FULL. I am intensely focused on finding beauty and capturing it with my camera. I am full of wild ideas and spontaneity. (Somehow my family loves me anyway.)


I am the lucky momma to my Jaeda-girl who loves to laugh and far surpasses me in her creativity. In her 21 years she has already made the world a much more beautiful place. Then there's Rhett-- my wonderboy, who is happy and haphazard and oh so 15! Sully is our little lionman. He's 6 and acts more like hazardous weather pattern than he does a kindergartener most days. They are amazing and teach me so much everyday.

22 years ago I married my childhood sweetheart, Eric. He is home to me. Eric and I grew up together off Brighton Road, riding our bikes to each other's houses just blocks away (with or without our parents permission). When photography found me I wanted my lil business name to reflect where I came from and I recalled the name of our old shared road. 


Brighton Road is where our family's story began and now it helps me tell tales of other families i meet along the way.