*let's take it step by step...

here's the inside scoop

I get it...photos are not easy for some people. That's why I'm here. together let's make this simple. You are hiring me to make art out of your moments.
Trust me. Trust my process. Lemme take you through my whole photography experience so you know just what to expect.


To save your spot on my calendar, you'll need to book your session now. You can look through my availability and choose a session time that works for you and yours.

I typically photograph during the golden hour an hour before sunset--if you would like a different time of day, email me and we'll see what we can work out. brightonroadphotography@gmail.com


After you book your session, I'll shoot you an email so we can set up a time to chat and plan your photo session. Whether it's over the phone or at a coffee shop I love getting to know a little about each person I photograph.


Over a phone call or a cup of coffee we'll talk through outfits and locations and options for telling your unique story through photos. I'll give you a heads up as to what to expect from our time together.


This is not a normal photo session. It's "you time" dressed up like a photo session. It's time to turn some music on, tell some stories, snuggle with your people and I'll take pictures of it all.

During our time together I'll be stirring up a little life and standing back to click click click my camera and capture it all.


My normal turn around time for galleries is 2-4 weeks depending on my schedule.

I know the wait is hard but I promise you won't be dissappointed. This part of the process is all about picking and perfecting and like anything good--it takes some time.


I love delivering your photo gallery to you! I have butterflies in my tummy handing you photos of the beauty I found!

I encourage you to make a night of it! Get the family together, pop some popcorn, pour a glass of wine and look through the moments we captured. (Kids love this part). Let them take in your familyness.


I. Do you take photos of extended families?

No, I don't. I've found that intimate moments are where I find the most joy in my work. I am always striving to say YES to what makes my heart beat hard and no to the things that make me hesitate.

II. Who picks the session location?

My mind is full of amazing spots for photographs in the KC metro area. When we talk about your session we'll decide together! I'll ask you if you have preferences and we'll match your ideas with a spot I have scouted before hand.

III. Do you take photos of pets?

Yes I sure do! My dogs join me in my own family photos and I love to extend this option to you--along with a few tried and true tricks & cautions ;)

IV. Do you edit out imperfections?

My typical editing flow includes taking away anything distracting to the eye (pimples, brusies, etc) . I am a big believer in loving our bodies the way they are. Photos are a great way to practice;) If you would like any further "beauty" edits they are available for $25 per image.

V. Do I have to pay upfront for my session in full?

Yes. All my fees are collected before the session to keep things simple for me and so we both respect each other's time and energy.

How long does it take to get my photos back?

My turn around time is typically 2 weeks but depending on my schedule it can take as long as 4 weeks. Editing takes longer than you think but I promise it's worth the wait! Make sure and book your session with this in mind.

Do you help with outfits?

I know this is the part that can seem overwhelming! At your consultation I can help answer questions and point you in a helpful direction.

If you want more hands on help shopping or pulling together a specific look, you can hire me to style your session from start to finish for $150.

Do you sell gift certificates?

Yes I sure do! Email me at brightonroadphotography@gmail.com and we'll get you taken care of!

How do you handle reschedules?

The midwest weather is a tough thing to predict! I leave open space on my calendar so that if the weather is looking bad, we can compare calendars and come up with another hopefully sunny day.

I don't usually reschedule until the morning of--and even then--I've still been tricked by Missouri's fickle nature!

Do you ever teach photography classes?

Yes I do! I love teaching and talking about my one true love--photography! I typically do two classes per year--one for the mommas and the other for teenagers. Be on the look out or shoot me an email for more info.