*your love story

If photographers are storytellers, than I prefer the fairytales.

Some people only read true crime

or romance

while others prefer only the classics.

Some gravitate toward non-fiction

or fall in love with fantasy.


there are the curious few that still read fairytales...

There are alot of different kinds of photography to choose from.

I love that there is no right way to capture a love story.

I want to give you photos to fall in love with, photos you want to crawl back into. I want to give you artwork to hang on your walls and remind you of who you are and the beautiful minutes that hide in the everyday.

I am not a reporter. I leave out the mundane. Gosh, I sure do love to paint a fairytale that is equal parts real and whimsical like Grimm's.

I'm always shooting for a little truth mixed with a little magic.